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Here’s some positive environmental news
to get you pumped up

There’s now an alternative to nylon

Traditional nylon, sourced from oil, sparks environmental concerns. ECONYL, a sustainable alternative, repurposes nylon waste like fishing nets.

Spain aims to ground short-haul flights

Spain’s Socialist Party (PSOE) and the far-left Sumar party propose banning short-haul flights with train alternatives under 2.5 hours. Aligned with Spain’s 2050 climate plan, it aims to cut emissions, fostering greener travel choices.

Are you having a hard time getting other people to take action to protect our planet?

Have some stats  that will even convince your grandpa to go greener

image 1

12 minutes! That’s the average amount of time that a plastic bag is in use before it’s thrown away… Let that sink in
Because by the time you finish reading this page, 2 million more plastic bags will have been used.

image 2

Did you know that eating seasonally is also eating sustainably? And cheaper, healthier, tastier…
There’s just too many advantages in this one.

Did we shocked you with those stats?

Sustainability 101

Because we know sustainability is more than just “going green,” let’s break it down into bite sized bits.


When you take that old piece of furniture, paint it, polish it and give it life as something new (and of course don’t forget to post it).


You know when you overthink stuff and you’re all like “I can’t do it if it’s not perfect” and then you end up not doing anything at all? It’s exactly that feeling, but about climate change.